About Gaston

Gaston Rossato is the owner and founder of The Barn Miami, Miami’s most respected and recognized boutique specializing in exotic and classic cars sales. The Barn Miami also provides consulting services, consignments, and collection management for your dream car (or cars).


The passion for cars dates back to his earliest memories.  At age 9, Gaston bought his first car from a neighbor with a small loan from his dad for $100 — in 1993, that would buy you a 1981 Toyota Corolla 5 speed coupe. Later, Gaston grew up around his father’s business, a traditional used car dealership. He learned all aspects of the business – customer relations, management, navigating a sale, and most importantly, he learned about every car he had access to.

Gaston received his Bachelor’s in International Business at Florida International University and is a current partner for FIU Alumni Entrepreneurship Series. Additionally, Gaston has served with IAC/PFA (International Advisory Council for the Preservation of Ferrari Automobiles).


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“Unofficial" Cars & Coffee 
Every Sunday @ MIAM Cafe
Wynnwood, FL

Sip & Discuss
Last Thursdays @ Tank Brewery
Doral, FL

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