One More Saved: A Barn Find 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

A memorable day for both myself and the seller of this 1958 Mercedes-Benz 190SL. The endless stories and memories created with this beautiful machine only made this day more bittersweet. Mr. DeValle purchased the car as the 2nd owner in 1967. He saved for years to buy it (because he knew the 1st owner). His passion for Mercedes and this specific car was strong, at the time of his daughter’s birth, he told the doctor “Her name is Mercedes” (let’s just say his wife did not agree, but he negotiated her middle name to be Mercedes). Many years of enjoyment went by when he finally decided to restore it. Due to an unreputable shop and lack of time, he DROVE the car in the backyard’s detached garage with hopes to start the restoration soon again. Life took over and nearly 30 years passed him by.

The car saw the light of day yesterday for the 1st time. It was emotional to see tears down his face as he finally said goodbye to his pride and joy. This car was tucked away when I was only a little kid and only 2 minutes away from where I grew up (not kidding, less than a mile away). As many of you probably know the 190SL, this car has gained significant historical value, and consequently monetary value, because of its provenance  – that’s what makes it very special. I’ll make it my duty this car finds the right home to put her back on the road where she belongs!

Stay tuned for video documentary!


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