1965 K-Code Ford Mustang Fastback

In episode 15 we go for a drive in the 1965 K-Code Ford Mustang Fastback. The most high performance Mustang of it’s time. We discuss why it we bought this car and look at some specifications. The car is a nut and bolt restoration completed by Hendrick Performance in North Carolina. We were fortunate to purchase this car from the first owner after restoration. It was the first K-code we have had in inventory, but we hope it’s not the last. What a blast to drive. You can’t help but feel like a badass. It’s such an American icon and the pony car played such a large roll for what became the great muscle car era. There are some cars that go in and out of style/popularity, but we truly believe the Mustang is one of the few cars that transcends it all no matter, age, race or background. The car has been a classic since day one! It’s no wonder Ford has discontinued all their cars, minus the Mustang.