1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas

Season 2: Episode 13

S2 E13: We take out some of our new inventory. The 1973 (despite the fact we said it was 1970) Citroen DS 23 Pallas. The most technologically advanced vintage car. EVER.

A car produced from 1955 to 1975 and creating 1,455,746 examples total!

DS for the French word Déesse meaning goddess and Pallas for the luxury trim level named after the Greek god Pallas. Our example is a DS 23 alluding to the 2.3L water-cooled four cylinder engine. It was a rare option to have the 5 speed transmission (+ reverse) and this car has it as well….on the column of course.

Unlike most cars, this car has a complex hydraulic system that operates the brakes, suspension, transmission and steering.

The car has so many innovative features, for instance the headlights turn with the steering wheel to light up the direction in which you point. The headlight covers have little doors where you can reach in and wipe in the event of a foggy headlight cover. The inner dial of the speedometer has a braking distance meter. You can replace a tire without a jack! The rear quarter panels come off with just one bolt. The front track is actually wider than the rear for aerodynamics. The roof is made of fiberglass to lower weight and the center of gravity.

This car truly goes down as one of the ultimate classics. There is no other car in the world like this one, in both design and innovation.

Oh and did we mention it’s the most comfortable car ever too!