1995 Porsche 911 C2

Season 2 Episode 8: We drive a 1995 Porsche 911 C2 (993). It has now been converted to a Rauh-Welt Begriff, better known as an RWB, famously built by the Japanese tuner Akira Nakai. Akira named named the car Yuki No Hana (Snow Flower) and it’s Miami build #3. The owner of the car, Ralph specifically wanted a white 993 bodied 911 to build the RWB. He reached out the Akira Nakai through an affiliated independent Porsche shop. The request from Akira was 50% deposit and approximately a 1 year wait, this was 2016 wait times at least. We hear even up 2 years now! The parts arrived, they were taken for paint work and the build finally started! But then the car required more mods as per the owners request. The interior was finished in houndstooth in tan color, both to a tribute to the old race cars and the original color of the interior for this 993. Those buckets are reupholstered Sparco’s. The wheels are Fifteen 52 outlaws, but these are actually the 1st set to ever have the concave design, wrapped in 335 rear tires! Brakes are upgraded to Sparta brakes. Lord knows you need the stopping power pushing 370 horsepower! That’s achieved by supercharging the original 3.6L flat six motor. To better handle the all this power the transmission was also upgraded to a factory 993 6 speed, but pulled from a turbo car. We don’t disclose what the entire build cost Ralph, but we can tell you just the RWB part was $20K with a one year wait time. Again, we hear it’s more today. We believe based on historical sales, Ralph’s car has actually appreciated from the RWB build. We have seen other builds sell between $150K-$250K depending on additional modifications. In conclusion the car was a blast to drive and extremely comfortable. It felt like no compromises were made, it’s practically a daily. The ultimate outlaw to say the least.