2005 Bentley GT Continental

Season 2: Episode 14
$200K Bentley for less than $45K

S2 E14. We take our latest inventory to the Miami streets. The 2005 (1st generation) Bentley GT Continental. A car that had an MSRP of approximately $200,000. A car that embodies the rich and famous lifestyle, but not the price tag…anymore.

Gaston and Renzo go for a drive into one of Miami’s most expensive neighborhoods to get a glimpse of the lifestyle it represents.

The GT is powered by a W12 twin turbo engine producing 550hp. It maybe 14 years old, but it still has that extreme ride quality that is associated with luxury. It truly is a special car and big bang for the buck. However, it’s not that easy – it’s no secret that maintenance cost doesn’t come cheap! These cars require a specialist (higher rates) + parts don’t have average costs either.

The car isn’t for everyone, but we believe it does provide an opportunity for many with certain lifestyles or work, like a realtor for example. Showing up in a Bentley to sell property (like Renzo does when he’s not on camera haha). Does give a different first impression.

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