2016 Ferrari California T

Season 4: episode 14
Ferrari California T – BEST OF BOTH WORLDS

Final episode of the season! What a perfect car to close off with. Fresh through The Barn doors, the 2016 Ferrari California T. An all original example with only 1,400 miles! The perfect balance of elegance, comfort and sport. The California T truly gives you the best of every world. Hard top? Sure, Convertible? Sure, and just at a flick of a switch.

We love this car. It can be a daily driver with the comfort and reliability it offers. But doesn’t maintaining a Ferrari too expensive? This could be true, but not with this California. The car was offered by Ferrari with the 7 year Genuine Ferrari maintenance program. That means when the car is due for service just take it to any authorized dealer and hand over the key at no cost!

We had a blast shooting this episode. It will be hard to come across another California T as good as this one. Find all links below and thank you for watching!

Some California history provided by wikipedia:
The Ferrari California (Type F149) is a grand touring sports car produced by the Italian automotive manufacturer Ferrari. It is a two-door 2+2 hard top convertible. When originally unveiled, the California was powered by a front-mid mounted, rear wheel drive, naturally aspirated 4.3-litre V8.[1] In 2012 a lighter, slightly more powerful variant, the California 30 was introduced. In 2014, Ferrari announced the second generation of the model, named California T powered by a new twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8.

The car revives the name used on the late-1950s Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder and the 1960s 365 California. The modern California (2008) was originally introduced as an entry level model, however, it included many new design innovations from Ferrari. The original base price of the California was similar to the base price of the F430, the company’s V8 flagship sports car at the time of its introduction. In 2018, the California was succeeded by the Portofino.
The California was launched at the October 2008 Paris Motor Show. When introduced, the California represented a new fourth model range for Ferrari.[4] The new model range (front-engine, eight cylinder grand touring sports car) joined the then current models: the mid-engine eight cylinder sports car, the front-engine twelve cylinder sports car, and the front-engine twelve cylinder grand touring car.

Ferrari California (Monaco)
The California represented a radical new design by Pininfarina S.p.A. and was developed under the oversight of Ken Okuyama. The model was primarily intended to attract new Ferrari owners. The car’s grand touring personality was emphasized with a slightly higher ride height compared to its more aggressive siblings. The chassis was designed and manufactured by Ferrari division Carrozzeria Scaglietti. Overall, it is considered a landmark car for Ferrari in that it represents a number of concepts being used for the first time in their road cars:[1]

The first front engined Ferrari with a V8
The first to feature a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission
The first hard top convertible with a folding metal roof
The first with multi-link rear suspension
The first with direct petrol injection
The engine displaces 4,297 cubic centimetres (262.2 cubic inches), and used a gasoline direct injection system produced by Bosch. It generates a maximum power output of 338 kW (460 PS; 453 hp) at 7,750 rpm; its maximum torque produced is 485 N⋅m (358 lbf⋅ft) at 5,000 rpm. The resulting 79 kW (106 hp) per litre of engine displacement is extremely high for a naturally aspirated engine, as other manufacturers have used forced induction to reach similar power levels.[5] The engine makes use of a wet sump designed lubrication system. The body computer system was developed by Magneti Marelli Automotive Lighting.[citation needed]

The California’s mid-front engine layout and rear gear box configuration create a 47% front to 53% rear weight distribution.