Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina

Season 6 Episode 10
Driving the ULTRA EXCLUSIVE Multi-Million Dollar Ferrari Sergio Pininfarina!

WOW guys… what a day! We’re honored to have the opportunity to drive the Ferrari Sergio alongside the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta. These exclusive Ferraris are not seen on the road often, much less together, so it was certainly a special moment. The 1 of 6, 2015 Ferrari Sergio was built to honor Sergio Pinninfarina, the founder of coachbuilder Pinninfarina, who built a concept Pinninfarina Sergio concept for the 2013 Geneva Motorshow. Based on the Ferrari 458 Spider, the Ferrari Sergio deliver 605 hp from Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8! With both of these beasts sharing the same engine, it was a thrill to get the two limited edition Ferrari vehicles on the road together. Stay tuned for another video on the paint correction, PPF, and ceramic coating we did for this Pinninfarina Ferrari Sergio!