Is the Ferrari 550 Maranello a good investment?

Season 7
Episode 3

Is the Ferrari 550 Maranello a good investment? I often get asked what car is a good investment…well, Ferrari is one of the most recognizable automotive brands in the world. With so many high-performance, exclusive models under their name, Ferraris can also be a good investment. The 550 Maranello is a front engine V12 with a gated 6-speed manual and a grand touring DNA. The particular 550 Maranello discussed in this video has certain nuances that increase its value, like the tour de France blue over tan interior, the impeccable condition, a Platino award at the 29th Cavallino Classic, and the fact that it only has 5,000 miles.

We think the 550 Maranello is undervalued in today’s market, but ultimately the car market decides via supply and demand. With the more exclusive Ferrari 550 Barchetta gaining more attention from collectors, we think the 550 Maranello will benefit as well.

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