Porsche GT2rs and GT3Rs

Season 2 Episode 7: We go for a drive in two of what are perhaps the hottest cars on the market at the moment – the Porsche GT2 RS and the GT3 RS. However, they are not your standard cars, these are both Weissach package equipped cars.. Weissach is an $18K “weight reduction” factory option. We believe this video to be the fist YouTube review with two Weissach’s side-by-side. In other words these are two fully equipped cars. Both cars are nearly brand new with sub 500 miles. The GT3RS is powered by a naturally aspirated 4L producing 520 horsepower. The GT2RS is a 3.8L twin-turbo charged producing 700hp. Both cars have PDK transmissions. The two Porsche’s have an MSPR window sticker price difference of $107K. The GT2 RS being the more expensive car. We answer the question of whether is it really worth that difference? The GT2RS is the highest performing 911 ever produced, in fact it out ran the Porsche 918 hypercar on the Nurburgring track, setting a new world record. Truly the 991 body 911 GT cars are absolute monsters! We wonder if Porsche can really top this off for future line ups?